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Automation Testing

In software testing, test automation is the use of special software (separate from the software being tested)

Test automation helps reduce testing cycle time, provides higher productivity, and drives greater predictability to help minimize time to market.

  • Services by highly skilled and competent Automation testors
  • Flexible Automation testing services which can, be easily customized to serve the individualistic, requirements of every client.
  • Timely services to develop robust, secure and scalable applications.
  • 24/7 support available in case of any queries or, problems with the website/applications
  • Cost-effective pricing

The increasing complexity of software and reduced product development lifecycle time has made Test Automation a mandatory requirement for the QA Group. Most of the automated testing tools available in the market today support Capture & Replay capabilities, however functional test automation developed using this capability alone results in automation that requires frequent maintenance efforts. This can result in a negative ROI for your organization or worse, making your investment in the test tool worthless.

DP Project Development are trained in commercial and open source test automation tools. We implement data and keyword-driven test automation using the framework derived from years of industry experience working with automation projects in different industries.

Our Test automation accelerates regression test efforts in a cost effective manner and caters to both thick client and thin client applications across the Enterprise. Early stage defect prevention is possible through intelligent test automation and 24x7 unattended execution.

Why should choose us for Automation Testing Services?

  • 1. Certified Test Automation specialists with expertise in diverse frameworks & methodologies
  • 2. Methodical analysis to ensure quicker ROI
  • 3. Tool Feasibility study to identify the right Test Automation tool
  • 4. Test Automation Accelerator
  • 5. Tool Partnerships and Alliances with the leading tool vendors

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