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NS2/NS3 Training

Training Overview

NS (version 2) is an object-oriented, discrete event driven network simulator developed at UC Berkely written in C++ and OTcl. NS is primarily useful for simulating local and wide area networks. Although NS is fairly easy to use once you get to know the simulator, it is quite difficult for a first time user, because there are few user-friendly manuals. Even though there is a lot of documentation written by the developers which has in depth explanation of the simulator, it is written with the depth of a skilled NS user.

The purpose of this project is to give a new user some basic idea of how the simultor works, how to setup simulation networks, where to look for further information about network components in simulator codes, how to create new network components, etc., mainly by giving simple examples and brief explanations based on our experiences.


Training Goals

After completing the NS2/NS3 Training Course student will be able to do

  • Understand wireless sensor network simulation
  • Understand the simulation of TCP, routing, and multicast protocols over wired and wireless networks
  • Designing and simulation of IEEE projects
  • Make new algorithm and simulate
  • Write mutipupose networks protocol Application

NS2/NS3 Training Course Prerequisite

  • Candiadate have basic knowledge about c/c++ programming language
  • familiar with the wireless sensor networks concepts
  • Knowledge about cygwin and Ubuntu 12.04


DP Project Development design fees structure for the NS2/3 Training course vary by the duration and course program selected. Please call us for an immediate response.

Free Training (Demo)

DP Project Development offer Free Demo Classes (Online/Offline) to each student to meet with their trainers and understand the course content, Quality of training. Students can discuss him/her problems with assigned trainer.

Live Projects

DP Project Development provide live project based training. Students can select from a wide variety of live projects for ME/M.Tech and PH.D research to show during interviews and final semester/year presentations. Each student is helped to design and simulated any project on NS2/NS3, make him/her research complete.


Here are some few words that have been mentioned by our student for our best training/teaching plan, experiences, punctuality, course content and support.

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  • "I took the project training on NS2 and got a good support for my final year project. Thank you DP. I will come back" - Rajeev, Rajasthan
  • "I got complete research from DP from proposal to final thesis and paper publication Malti Rastogi, Bijnor

NS2/NS3 Training Course designed by DP Project Development ensures students learn the basic and advanced topics for simulation of wireless sensors network and routing protocol. NS2/NS3 course covers topics on how to design a protocol, develop and build applications new application related to wireless sensor networks […]

Module 1 - Simulation of Computer Networks
Module 2 - Introduction to Network Simulator 2 (NS2)
Module 3 - Linkage between OTcl and C++ in NS2
Module 4 - Implementation of Discrete-Event Simulation in NS2
Module 5 - Network Objects
Module 6 - Nodes as Routers or Computer Hosts
Module 7 - Link and Buffer Management
Module 8 - Packets, Packets Headers, and Header Format
Module 9 - Developing New Modules for NS2
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Uploaded by JJAVA

ns2 ns3 introduced

First Lab Lecture of OPNET In this simulation we will create a simple network consisting of a 25 node star topology Also connected will be a server which will be used to check the load on the specific network

ns2 simultor


apllied by JAVA

How to setup network using opnet. With multiple subnet and internet connection.